Project "Reinforcement of Competitiveness of Latvia as Tourism Destination in Foreign Markets"

On 21 December 2010 the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia Program Collaboration Institution as the Collaboration Institution and Tourism Development State Agency as the Recipient of Funding concluded the agreement on conditions and procedure of implementing the projectReinforcement of Competitiveness of Latvia as Tourism Destination in Foreign Markets” of the Sub-Activity “Acquisition of Foreign Markets – Reinforcement of International Competitiveness of Branches” of the Activity “Acquisition of Foreign Markets” of the supplement to the action programme “Business and Innovations”.

Within the project reaching the following goals has been planned pursuant to the objectives of Latvian Tourism Marketing Strategy 2010 – 2015:

  1. advancement of international competitiveness and recognisability of Latvia as tourism destination;
  2. advancement of tourism services export by arranging advertising campaigns and national stands of Latvian tourism offer according to the target markets;
  3. advancement of collaboration and coordination amongst the parties of the tourism sector for ensuring popularization and development of tourism product offer according to the target market segments;

Pursuant to the priorities prescribed by the Latvian Tourism Marketing Strategy 2010 – 2015, within the project activities will be carried out in tourism target markets of high priority and priority to Latvia, i.e., Germany, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, and Great Britain. Project’s activities will be implemented in two main directions: arrangement of national stands in most important international tourism exhibitions in target markets and arrangement of advertising campaigns abroad, which will include a vast range of tourism marketing activities according to each market, i.e., arrangement of advertising campaigns, publication of tourism information materials, promotion of Latvian tourism portal, acquaintance visits for foreign tourism operators and journalists and publicity services in foreign mass media. Project’s activities focus on providing information for both tourism sector professions and tourists in target markets. Implementation of project’s activities will advance the recognisability of Latvia, export of Latvian tourism services and collaboration and coordination among the parties involved in tourism.

The total budget of the project is LVL 5,000,000, which consists of European Regional Development Fund co-funding in the extent of 3,000,000 and co-funding of Latvia in the extent of 2,000,000. It is planned to implement the project by 30 June 2015.

Additional Information:

Inese Šīrava,
Senior Expert of Strategy Planning
Tel. 67358151