• International work seminar for tourism professionals "Baltic Connecting"
    Every year, the Latvian Tourism Development Agency (TAVA), in cooperation with the national tourism organizations in Lithuania and Estonia, organize the "Baltic Connecting" work seminar for tourism professionals. This year’s "Baltic Connecting" will take place on September 30 in Riga, and will be the eighth edition of the event.
  • Attending "Balttour"
    Dear Sir/Madam Organizers of the Baltic’s leading travel trade fair "Balttour”would like to invite your company to take part in the Balttour 2014 Forumand Workshopwith participation of 350 hosted travel professionals from more than 15 European and Central Asian countries to be held from 6–8 February 2014, Riga, Latvia.
  • Vaivari will start rendering services to patients from Azerbaijan
    National rehabilitation centre “Vaivari” has signed medical export cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, and this is a real example of interstate cooperation in the field of medical export in Latvia. This is not any more an individual cooperation among foreign tourism agencies, but an agreement between two countries.
  • Climate change could turn Baltic region into one of Europe's most popular tourism destinations – meteorologist
    Due to climate change, the British islands, as well as the Baltic Sea region, could become one of Europe's most popular tourism destinations, Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center chief meteorologist Andris Viksna said in an interview to the magazine ''Lietiska Diena''.
  • Forest travel guide for tourists published
    A special travel guide for tourists called ''Forest Guide'' (Meza Celvedis) has been published, the Rural Tourism Association's "Lauku celotajs" President and Member of the Board, Asnate Ziemele informed the business information portal ''''.